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Communicate with confidence, passion and authority

Find your voice and captivate your audience. Learn how to manage nerves, self-consciousness and other factors that get in your way. Become a speaker than inspires, influences and makes an impact.

"I’m extremely excited that my Gravitas book has been brought to life as an interactive app. You can immediately start putting my advice into action – with your own voice, in your own life. I can’t wait for you to try it out and enjoy the confidence it brings."

Caroline Goyder

Internationally recognised public speaking expert, highly popular speaker and coach, and author of Gravitas.

Bringing Caroline's book to life  

Caroline will guide you through 28 practical sessions to unlock your gravitas. Plus enjoy audio guides with Caroline's voice to help you put your gravitas into action– from work, to home.

Support in your pocket for when you need it most 

Practical, personalised tools ready for the moment you need them. Step-by-step exercises to create inspiring presentations, productive meetings, persuasive pitches and much more. 

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